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Metal Finishes


Provides a finish on the customer's part that has a "super corrosion resistant," chromium enriched passive surface with an oxide surface layer that is ~3x the thickness of the naturally formed layer produced by passivation alone. Electropolishing is certified in accordance to ASTM-B-912.


Benefits of an Electropolished Surface Include:

  • Ultra cleanliness leaving a smooth, "pit-free" surface

  • Cosmetic Appeal

  • A thickened chromium oxide layer for enhanced passivity

  • Reduced mechanical stresses in upper metallic surface layers that are areas for subsequent corrosion pit formation

  • ~3x the thickness

  • Super corrosion resistant

Passivation is a chemical treatment using either Nitric or Citric acid formulations that remove any "embedded" iron fines or particles placed on the surface by the fabrication process. Unless removed by passivation, these particles disrupt the continuity of naturally occurring oxide formed on the surface of stainless steel and other refractory alloys (Ti, Nb, Zr).  After passivation, the oxide surface layer can reform as a continuous layer based upon the metals's surface roughness and irregularities.


All parts are passivated prior to leaving our facility and are certified to various industry standards: ASTM-A-380, ASTM-A-976, AMS QQ-P-35C, MiL-STD-5002, AMS 2700B. 



(10-15 Ra) 

                 (Mil-C-26074, ASTM B 733, AMS 2404, 2405)


  • Bright to satin luster

  • Corrosion resistant coatings

  • Enhanced hardness to base metal with potential for heat treating to higher R   values

  • Able to plate uniformly and in blind holes

  • Low, Mid Phos Magnetic; High Phos – NON Magnetic



Nickel Plating is a process by which metallic nickel is plated onto the metal surface.  The driving force for the migration of nickel metal ions from the plating solution to the parts can either be by electrical DC current (Electrolytic) or by autocatalytic chemical energy (Electroless) from bath constituents.  In either case, the nickel metal imparts a bright luster, decorative finish, increase hardness to the base metal and enhance corrosion resistance.  The nickel coating can be magnetic, however, high phosphorous coatings are NOT magnetic. Nickel Plating can be combined with other metal finishes on the same part.



  • Bright to satin luster

  • Corrosion resistant coatings

  • Able to plate thicker coatings (0.005”) for salvage work

  • Can be barrel plated for fastener industry

  • Hardness “as plated” - not heat treatable like electroless coatings

  • Magnetic coating

Gold Chem-film

Electroless Nickel


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