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Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing is Ventura County's leader in providing plating and engineering services that help military, aerospace and commercial component manufacturers all over the world measurably improve equipment strength, reduce corrosion, and improve product aesthetics.

Hundreds of organizations trust in Alliance's rigorously maintained chemical plating processes, innovative technology, and tailored services to meet their needs. Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing exceeds industry demands for delivering high-quality metal finishes and engineering services demonstrated by decades of meeting stringent mil-specs and proprietary customer requirements with  consistent on-time deliveries.


Mark Hyman, PhD, President

Mark Hyman is the founder and president of Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing, Ventura County's leading metal finishing and plating  company. Founded in 1991, Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing is a recognized market leader for innovative anodizing and metallurgical services for the pharmaceutical, military, high-end manufacturing and aerospace industries in Southern California. Dr. Hyman received his Bachelors of Science from the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science, his Master's of Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and his PhD from the UCSB School of Materials and Mechanical Engineering.

Matthew Rondilla, Plating on Plastics 

Matthew is responsible for managing the organizational processes and infrastructure that drive the plating on plastic production department, ensuring both growth of commercial operations and that Alliance's anodizing team operates as a collaborative and disciplined group. Matthew develop sand implements innovative and proven procedural improvements that are necessary to support Alliance’s growth into plating on plastics. He leads, instructs, trains, and manages the activities of all personnel involved in the POP operations at Alliance.


Stacey Gilbert, Production Manager

Stacey brings almost a decade of plating manufacturing and leadership experience to Alliance. She leads and manages the activities of all personnel involved in the metal finishing operations at Alliance. She is responsible for the execution of strategic plans supporting growth, the development of talent, and the optimization of customer-facing processes.


Lorraine Dumais, Office Manager

Lorraine is in charge of the company’s business and human resources operations. Her responsibilities include managing and reporting on the company’s financial health, setting financial goals, evaluating strategic opportunities, supporting sales strategy and execution, and streamlining all quote to cash processes. Her knowledge of company operations and its current structure are a critical foundation of the company leadership team.


environmental policy

Environmental Policy

Since 1991, our mission has been "to deliver service and value that meets or exceeds our customers' requirement. We shall offer our services to our customer at the most reasonable cost. Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing is committed to continuous improvement by training our employees, upgrading our equipment, and creating an environment of quality consciousness. This policy is carried out and implemented at all levels in the organization." See our latest environmentally conscious breakthrough >



RoHS Compliant

The Restriction of Hazardous Substance directive effective July 2006, bans the use of certain levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and PBB/PBDE (flame retardants).  Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing maintains compliance to the directive through RoHS compatible processing in accordance with specification and internal operating procedures.

We are Hiring

It is a very exciting time at Alliance as we grow our business to meet the

ever increasing demands of our customers.

View our open positions here.

Note: Open roles are for Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing and our sister company, Stainless Process Systems.

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