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Patented composite plating technology

Patented composite plating technology

The most dependable PEEK and Ultem® plating technology.

The idea behind GreenPOP has never wavered - to provide the ultimate metal coating on a plastic surface. GreenPOP is the most dependable plating on plastic solution with over 98% production yields. This proven technology works at scale. The best adhesion*, paired with high-performance thermal shock resistance — all within an incredibly smooth coating. Our revolutionary PEEK and Ultem® processes deliver such spectacular surface quality that even the smallest details of your part are perfectly preserved. 



*Chromic acid etched Ultem - 0.9 N/mm vs. GreenPOP etched Ultem 1.5 N/mm

GreenPOP is a patented adhesional pre-treatment and novel metallizing technology jointly developed by the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Lithuania (EU) and Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing (USA). Alliance is using GreenPOP to plate production lots of high glass (Tg) transition temperature plastic components. This revolutionary technology, for the first time, completely eliminates any toxic chrome based acid etchants, the need for abrasive blasting, or organic solvents previously required to metallize plastics like PEI (Ultem®), PEEK, PPS and ABS-PC. This applies to non-fiber as well as low and high fiber substrates.

What if your plated composite parts didn’t require toxic heavy metal acids, abrasive blasting or solvents to sensitize them prior to metallization?

abrasive blasting vs greenpop.png

These parts have been through metallization, electrolytic copper, and top coated with electroless nickel to meet MIL-DTL-38999 requirements for conductivity and thermal shock.

Non GreenPOP Processed (abrasive blasted)

GreenPOP Processed

3D Printed Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) Antenna

GreenPOP successfully plates fine detail 3-D printed parts that require EMI and RFI shielding. GreenPOP was the only process that worked for this part that could not afford any EMI leakage due to poor plating adhesion.


GreenPOP pre-treated plastic parts can be either metallized by direct electrolytic plating or by conventional electroless plating involving palladium (Pd) and copper (Cu).

Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing is the only company currently providing unprecedented adhesion technology for the most demanding industries. 







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A more cost effective solution with exceptional adhesion properties 

Why is GreenPOP better than traditional POP?

Metallization can be done exclusively by direct electroplating methods, which offer exceptional adhesion properties on the primary plated layer of the coated part, as compared to the same part metallized electrolessly. Composite components can be plated less expensively by eliminating the need for conventional electroless metallization that uses precious metals and formaldehyde based electroless copper for activation and metallization.

Unmatched thermal shock stability

GreenPOP has exceptional thermal shock stability and meets or exceeds the thermal shock requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 for composite plated connectors.

Incredibly smooth parts that maintain dimensional stability 

Composite components using GreenPOP plated parts come out exceptionally smooth and maintain their dimensional stability. Compare this to conventional techniques that utilize combinations of abrasive blasting, along with heavy metal acid etchers prior to electroless metallization that produce rougher and cosmetically less appealing parts. Additionally, delicate or highly cosmetic plastic parts manufactured in their “as molded” or “machined” condition maintain their exceptional aesthetic qualities when metallized and electroplated with GreenPOP technology.

GreenPOP plating adheres despite extreme temperatures

The part on the right cracked when it was subjected to extreme temperatures above 500F. Here you can clearly see where the plastic part deformed and split while the plating continues to adhere to the part’s surface.

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PEEK GF30, 30% glass filled Polyether ether ketone


Flexibility to Plate Complicated Geometry

GreenPOP allows your engineers to be more creative. To design truly unique composite parts that contain the finest details and not worry whether they will have long term metallic adhesion that can withstand temperatures above 500F. GreenPOP elevates the capabilities of your products like never before.

Significantly Reduced Environmental Impact

GreenPOP plated composite parts benefit from "green" processing that eliminates the need for hex chrome and replacements. Our process allows your supply chain to operate in alignment with societal "greater good" prefacing inevitable environmental regulations.

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